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Tae Min
Well, I need more inspiration to write, more ideas, and all of that. So I'm open for requests. You don't have to be a friend to request or even a fan, but please do at least introduce yourself if I don't know you. I blame Kai for this. I also kind of stole the formating from her.

As many of you know, I don't have much of a life and so I write a lot. I'll have lots of time, too, so it would take too long for me to have it written for you.

Please fill out this form.

Pairing: I'll try and do anything, but I think I write het best.
Genre/Mood: Anything but smut unless you ask me previously or I owe you for some reason.
Want: Ideas, prompts, anything that you'd like to see in this
DNW: Because there are always things we don't want
AU: (OPTIONAL) Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, vampires, HP, college, Percy Jackson, anything else that I might know.

A few things you should know before you request.

O1. I really like writing Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, and Oneday. I can do others, but those I write most and so I know them the best. If you request a group I don't know well, I'll do my best to write it anyway.
O2. I do write het best, but I do like really any pairings. Some of my favourites to write are JongSica, SiChul, EunHae, HyoHyuk. Request any of those and I'll love you forever (and probably finish your fic real fast).
O3. I also like writing western music (Paramore, Panic at the Disco, The Summer Set, All Time Low) and it would be so cool if you requested something with them.
O4. Everything will be posted at my comm, spindlespindle. Some might be posted on soompi under the username of whore!sica. As long as I remember, I'll save the first spot for you.
O5. I like all genres, but I can do anything. But again, please clear all smut requests with me. I'll only really write some pairings for that.
O5. I'm not the best author out there, but I really do try and I really hope that I'll be able to write something you and I can both enjoy.

Thank for reading this, for requesting. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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I'm late, too, so don't worry.

That's all right, I understand it.
ME TOO! I love them so much and there needs to be more love for them.

haha, thanks. I still haven't written much lately, but I swear I am going to work on this soon.

Late is the new early, anyways~

AGREED! They're one of the few het pairings, that's still alive..
If, they're gonna be all awkward, and avoiding eachother again, I'm gonna kill someone, or the Onsica duet is gonna kill me.

Oh no, please, just take your time.. Really, no need to rush.

haha, sure is.

Exactly! Which is why they are sooo much awesome.
Seriously. I don't like OnSica and if I don't have some JongSica to even it out I'll be maddd.

Well, thank you. I have been so busy this whole month, you have no idea.

I love Onsica, they're so angelic and sweet, I just feel like such an unfaithful skank whenever I watch them together. Onstage they're perfect but offstage, idk...
Yeeeeeees, the world needs more Jongsica.

It's no problem at all, do what you gotta do.

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