the spiders, they want me to tapdance!
Tae Min
Okay, so I changed my mind. Kind of. I'm still not going to be posting on here, but if anyone cares to know what I'm up to, I am going to be working on this story of mine and posting it on aprilaugust. It's one of the best story ideas I've had and it would mean the world to me if you would check it out. Thank you all for your understanding and love. You are great people.

Flist Cut
Flist Cut.

I have waaaay too many friends, most of which I never talk to and most of which never talk to me. If I removed you, it's most likely because we've never really talked or I simply don't remember who you are. Or I might have unfriended you on accident. If you think I that we should still be friends, just say so. I most likely made a mistake.

If you can see this post then we're still friends.
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friends only.

comment to be added. i like lots of things. so i'm sure i'll like something you do, too.
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